Phil Club Meeting: November 9th

Hi everybody,
This week we will have a talk by Diderik Diamante, he will talk about Plato’s tripartite soul and Aristotel’s conceptions of the active soul. He would like you all to read the following links:
(beginning from the line: “Socrates-GLAUCON”, which is about 1/3rd of the way down the page)
(only part 1, which is really short)

He will briefly review the arguments, then prompt some questions for a socratic discussion.

See everyone Thursday! 😄


Phil Club Meeting: November 2nd

Hi everyone,
This week we’re going to discuss a paper by Susan Okin (linked below). It’s called, “Mistresses of Their Own Destiny”: Group Rights, Gender, and Realistic Rights of Exit. It’s a Political Philosophy paper regarding how tolerant Liberal societies should be of oppressive minority groups. Please try to read it before our meeting on Thursday, however, we will have a recap of the argument on the day.

Meeting: October 26th

Hey Philosophy Club!
Dan Arday, you’re PR Officer, will be giving the presentation this week and it’s on consciousness! In it he’ll spend a brief amount of time explaining the philosophy of mind and then go into two modern theories of consciousness; Giulio Tononi’s Integrated Information Theory, and Stuart Hameroff’s Orchestrated OR Theory. These theories have been hotly debated in the past 5 years among philosophers of mind, so it’ll be interested to see what everyone has to say about them.
Also this will be the last meeting before Halloween so candy will be provided and costumes encouraged. 👻️🎃



Meeting: Thursday, Oct 19th

Hi everyone,

this weeks meeting will be a seminar style presentation by Luke Dorman. He’ll be speaking about the philosophical evolution of Postmodern philosophy, inspired significantly by the book Explaining Postmodernism by a contemporary philosopher, Stephen Hicks. Once again we will be in Olson 144 at 7:30pm, I hope to see you all there 🙂

Meeting: Thursday 12th

Hi everyone, we will be having our next meeting today, Thursday 12th, at 7:30pm in Olson 144. We decided to keep our meetings here throughout the rest of the quarter. The seminar will be held by Prof. Adam Sennet discussing his work on “Ways of Believing”. The topic will be non-semantic tools to help with semantic problems.

First Phil Club Meeting

Hi everyone, our first club meeting will be this Thursday, October 5th at 7:30 in Olson 144. It’ll mostly be a social with some time set apart to introduce the club; who we are, what we do and anything else you need to know. THERE WILL BE FREE FOOD 

If you are new to the philosophy club I recomend checking out our facebook page, it’ll give you the same updates with the bonus of being able to intereact digitally with rest of the UC Davis Philosophy community.

Club Meeting for June 1st

This week we are going to discuss a paper by Sheila Lintott on “A Feminist Reclamation of the Word Sexy”. Whoever can please try to read the paper before the meeting, or at least give it a quick skim. As always the meeting will be tomorrow; Thursday June 1st, in Wellman 235.