Week 10 Meeting: The Fake News Problem

Hi everyone,

So we will be having our meeting this week on Thursday, March 16th, @ 7pm in Wellman, room 229.
Dan Arday will be presenting on Fake News in todays media.
How does President Trump manipulate the media? What is “Fake News” and how can you be more aware of it? What is the filter bubble and how can you escape yours? Finally why is there such a great disagreement in America about ‘the facts’ right now? Come to this discussion and learn how Donald Trump uses methods such as ‘trading up the chain’ and selective attention to control the media. Then, learn how philosopher William Clifford’s argument on the epistemic responsibility of belief can help you to not be duped by fake news. Next, learn about how Aristotle’s virtue ethics can help you escape your filter bubble by being a more well-informed person. Finally dive into current moral psychology and understand the moral foundations behind both conservatives and liberals. Learn how each party’s moral foundations “bind and blind” them to certain points of view, causing each party be more receptive and vulnerable to certain types of fake news.
This meeting will not be focusing on the particular political issues, so do not attend expecting to extensively debate their merits.

Presentation this week

Hi all,

At our meeting this week grad student Tim Houk will be presenting on luck and free will. His talk is titled “No Luck for Libertarians.” I’ve attached a copy of the paper with an abstract. He intends on expanding section 3.1 (titled “The No Contrastive Explanation Objection”), so might skip other parts and spend extra time on that.

We’ll be in Wellman 229 at 7pm on Thursday, March 9th!

Additionally, if you’re interested in presenting next quarter, please let me know and I’ll get you set up with a presentation date.

Luck Paper

Meeting this week

Hi Philosophers!

Courtney Klousner will be presenting this Thursday, March 2nd. We’ll be in Wellman 229 at 7pm. The title of her talk is “Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius”.

Abstract: A sketch of one of the most influential modern philosophers, who radically redirected philosophical thought in his works Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and Philosophical Investigations.

Hope to see you there!

This week Chris Lam is giving an overview of epistemic logic. We are meeting as always Thursday at 7pm in Wellman 229.

Abstract: In this presentation, I will describe a syntax and semantics for
an epistemic modal logic. I will discuss the semantics on Kripke frames.
Time permitting, I would like to discuss epistemic closure and provide some arguments rejecting closure principles in epistemology. The epistemic logic will be built upon classical propositional logic (course PHI 12 at UC Davis). But I will not presuppose any formal logic training and develop the necessary logic principles in the talk.

Reflections on Forty-Nine Years in Philosophy

Hey Philosophers,

This Thursday, February 16th, Professor GJ Mattey will be presenting. He is planning on retiring at the end of this academic year and in honor of that is going to give a talk titled “Reflections on Forty-Nine Years in Philosophy.”As always we will be in Wellman 229 at 7pm. See you there!

Also, Philosophy Club and Debate Club are having a joint social on Friday the 17th so contact Jasmine for more information if you are interested.

The Nature of Information

Hi Philosophers!

This Thursday (Feb 9) Ricardo Cruz will be presenting on the nature of information and how it relates to interactions and behaviors in systems. He’ll relate information in this sense to how models and descriptions are made in science, and how this shift has led to network and systems thinking. Important discussion topics will also include reductionism, emergence, and the “illusions” of epistemological phenomena.

As always we are in Wellman 229 at 7pm. See you there!